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Research and Development



All members can utilize the school for Research and Development.


  • Can do R&D on a full range of custom work from food applications, folding carton to coupon work.

  • Can R&D stock, liner, ink, adhesive options and many others.

  • Press capabilities:


    • 10-inch width
    • Up to eight colors.
    • Water based and UV inks.
    • Two die stations with sheeter options.

  • Members will supply all raw materials, artwork and plates can be purchased from FTS.

  • We will give a tentative R&D date base on availability, however we must receive all raw material at least two days in advance or the scheduled date will be cancelled. (FTS will allow you to bring products in with you on the scheduled run date as long as FTS is notified in advance.)

  • All work is confidential and all results are kept confidential as well.


  • FTS will allow pictures and/or videos to be taken during R&D.


  • FTS will allow as many attendees as requested/needed during R&D.


  • Cost to our members is $800.00 for a full day of R&D.