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HD Plate Making


Flexographic trade school has one of the most modern graphic and plate making training facilities in the world.

Utilizing the DuPont fast plate system alongside the CDI spark 4835 laser with HD resolution for HD Flexo gives FTS the ability to train on the best technology the industry has to offer. This also allows FTS to provide for our customers the best Flexo printing plates the industry has to offer.


There are two ways FTS customers can purchase plates


  1. You may purchase plate material directly from DuPont or Pitman, it comes in two sizes small sheets        25"x 30" and large sheets 35.5"x 47.25". you can then inventory the material at the school or send it in    as you want plates made. You will be charged $60 process fee for small sheet and $75 process fee for a  large sheet. 
  2. ​You may purchase plates from FTS in a per square inch for mate. FTS will charge you .45 cents per sq.     inch for HD resolution flexographic printing plates. ​



In most cases FTS will have the plate ready the next day. If you have a lot of plates that need to be made, make sure to get with us on a schedule. We also know this is printing and rushes do happen and we can and do have to make it happen sometimes, no worry we have been known to pull all-nighters as many of you have I am sure.