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​Temp Services


​FTS has provided press operators to the industry for years, during this time we saw a great need to have a specialized temp force dedicated to just this area. The ability to pick up the phone and have a highly skilled operator in your plant cannot only help you gain more press time when someone is out, but also when your work load is a little more than you can handle. One of the biggest benefits of having access to this service is the confidence it gives your Sales Department and your customers that you have the ability to get the job done no matter what happens. Flexographic Temp Services was created just for these reasons.


All our operators are top notch and have a minimum of 10 years' experience. They all share the same desire to be the best they can be, and they all love and appreciate what they do. They are true professionals.


FTS always tries to work close to our customers when it comes to sending out a temp operator. We make sure the operator you get is qualified to do the job. We also try to send the same operator in your plant every time if possible, this allows you to get to know that person and allows the operator to get to know your plant.


We have also found that when a Plant Manager finds out he has access to great operators they in turn demand more from their operators without the concern they will quit, and in the plants that our temps work in, the sick days drop off a great deal.


If you are not happy with the operator we send you let us know the first day and we will pull them out and you will not be charged for that day. (There is a 3-day minimum and a discount for 6 days or more.)


If you wish to discuss this unique service, please give us a call.