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​​In-house 3-month Operator Program


This program is setup to take a person with little to no Flexo experience from your area or plant and make them into a profitable operator in 3 months. The first step is to start with someone who has a mechanical mind set. This is done by giving the prospect a Mechanical Skills test. The test is 50 questions that are multiple choice. Each question is worth 2 points and they have to score an 80 or above. We recommend that you have the prospects work for you for at least 4 weeks. This allows you to make sure that they are good employees before spending money or wasting time on them.

The students will work at the school for the first two weeks to learn the basics.


Basic Flexo 101

The first day the students will watch videos that cover all aspects of Flexo printing and safety. They will then spend the next 9 days running our 10" 8 color Flexo press on "live" work where they will learn the following:


Rewind direction

Plate Mounting

Anilox Roll Identification

Anilox roll care

Doctor Blades

Proper use of a PMS color guide

How to mix inks

Setting proper impressions

Registration of colors on press

Web Guide

Die Cutting

Pulling a waste matrix



How to figure MSI and footage

The cost of down time and waste

How to maintain a proper clean area and press while being very productive.

Last, but not least, overall quality.


Because we do "live work" and R&D at the school they will most likely learn and see other products and production methods not listed. They will however be tested on all of the above procedures at the end of the first two weeks.

The trainees will then return to your plant where they will work with an instructor from the school running your "live" work on the presses they are training to run when they become operators. The instructor will be responsible for all quality coming off the press while training the students. You can expect to be very productive on the presses we are training on. In most cases we are as productive, if not more productive than the other presses on the floor. This is important because the trainees need to see what is expected from them and that it can be done.

After two weeks of training the instructor will leave and the trainees will be on their own for the next 6 to 8 weeks, when the instructor will return for final week of training and testing. During the time the trainees are on their own they should be productive, now they will still make rookie mistakes, but they will learn from them.

At the end of their training and once they are certified they will be productive operators. In 6 months they are usually some of the best operators on the floor and on their way to becoming great operators.

The program has been a great success, and makes it easy to get well trained local operators on your​​ floor in a quick fashion.

We recommend you send more than one trainee at a time in case one of them does not stick with it. The cost is the same for 3 students as it is for one. We do this to make sure you get the value you expect out of our program.​




  • Travel and room and board for students attending the school. (cost to be determined)
  • Travel and room and board for FTS instructor coming to your plant.   (cost to be determined)
  • 3-month operator program $7,250.00 (Up to 3 students)

Interested in this program? Would you like to discuss in more detail? 

Please contact us via email or phone at the following:

Ron Zessack or (404)697-4484

Art Fields or (704)577-6129